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Ho Chi Minh’s Biggest Employers

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Ho Chi Minh is thriving both economically and culturally. There are more and more companies operating within the city, while the already established ones are growing. As a result, the demand for a qualified workforce has never been higher.

Many of the bigger companies have turned to foreign talent. Here we will present you with some of Ho Chi Minh’s biggest employers that are always interested in highly qualified personnel from abroad. Their focus may be on foreign talent, but that’s just because the skill set on the local job market is quite modest.


  • ILA Vietnam


This is the biggest educational company in Ho Chi Minh that employs hundreds of people, much of whom are foreigner teachers. The company was founded in 1998 and since then it has been providing English language education and training for both adults and children. They offer English lessons as part of corporate training, exam preparation, studying abroad, and so on. Many of their English teachers are foreigners, native English speakers with a bachelor’s degree. They are almost always searching for English teachers willing to move and work in Ho Chi Minh.




This is an IT company based in San Francisco that has opened offices in Ho Chi Minh. They have already recruited much of the local software engineers and the ones in the area. Now they want to bring talent from anywhere around the world. They offer very competitive salaries and excellent benefits for anyone willing to join their multi-cultural team of developers.




This is the biggest company in Southeast Asia that manages online shopping and selling. Their HR department is always hunting for software developers and designers. Their growth is so rapid that the local job market cannot fulfill their requirements. Many of the positions are open to anyone from abroad. They employ a large number so people and have many positions to fill.




This is an international company with over 32,000 employees that have over a hundred offices in various countries. They offer audit and consultancy services for tax purposes in the United States. Their Ho Chi Minh offices are one of the finest in the city and there are job positions for all sorts of professionals. Workers from abroad with knowledge of the United States tax system are encouraged to apply.


  • Robert Bosch


There is no introduction needed for Bosch as they are one of the finest multi-industry leaders in building systems, consumer goods, industrial and automobile equipment. They have invested millions in Ho Chi Minh and are always searching for people of extraordinary skills and talent.


  • Asia Commercial Bank


ACB is the largest commercial bank in Vietnam. Once they were only focused on local talent, but as they expanded and grew larger, their focus shifted toward international talent. Professionals with experience in international finances, credit management, and investment management are always sought after by the Human Resources department. They offer competitive salaries, excellent performance-based bonuses, and a great working environment.