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Da Nang Biggest Employers

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Vietnam is a great place for many reasons and the country is thriving in most aspects, from its tourist industry to economic growth. The growth of Vietnam has resulted in the demand for a more professional workforce in Da Nang, giving the expats and locals more opportunities to gain employment in this city.


  • There are lots of companies that expats can work for in Vietnam ‒ in this case, Da Nang. The leading field, however, is still NGO (Non-governmental organizations) due to their work in Vietnam before the country’s current development. The second leading field is held by the IT industry, as there are lots of established IT companies in Da Nang. Hospitality and tourism take the third spot because of Vietnam’s growth in the tourist section.


  • The most famous NGO in Da Nang is UNDP Vietnam. UNDP is the perfect place for those who want to jump-start their careers by working in a friendly and professional multicultural working environment. The salary for expat ranges from one thousand to two thousand dollars, depending on the position. Employees will also get basic benefits such as insurance. However, new employees must train themselves independently as there is no oversea training. The work does involve some patience due to the long bureaucracy employees have to go through.


  • If Job Seekers want to work in Da Nang with a worldwide IT services and outsourcing company, they should turn to FPT Software. The IT Company is notable for having good projects and international clients. Employees get basic benefits, but they will also have lots of extra benefits outside working hours such as playing sports and partying with coworkers. Unfortunately, the salary is not as good as after-hour activities.


  • For those who want to experience a modern working lifestyle, Gameloft is a development and publishing company of mobile games and is a perfect choice and everything about their environment is about self-development. Training programs, internal promotions, HR support workshops ‒ Relocation benefits for overseas employees (plane tickets, work permit fee, insurance, and accommodation support). They are currently hiring for Games Programmers and for Game Testers. The Salaries are relatively low salaries despite the living costs also being relatively low


  • Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa is one of the best companies in the hospitality industry in this City. Hyatt is a good place employer to develop your professional hospitality skills. There are plenty of benefits are employees can enjoy flexible working hours. The manager also supports their staff properly which has created a healthy working environment and because of the support they give to their employees, all staff is expected to perform at a high level for the company. 


The four companies above are just some of the many companies available for expats in Da Nang and there is no shortage of work, so you can take your time to apply for jobs. What matters is to know the industry you want to work for and to do extensive research on each company.