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Da Nang Biggest Employers

Vietnam is a great place for many reasons and the country is thriving in most aspects, from its tourist industry to economic growth. The growth of Vietnam has resulted in the demand for a more professional workforce in Da Nang, giving the expats and locals more opportunities to gain employment in this city.


  • There are lots of companies that expats can work for in Vietnam ‒ in this case, Da Nang. The leading field, however, is still NGO (Non-governmental organizations) due to their work in Vietnam before the country’s current development. The second leading field is held by the IT industry, as there are lots of established IT companies in Da Nang. Hospitality and tourism take the third spot because of Vietnam’s growth in the tourist section.


  • The most famous NGO in Da Nang is UNDP Vietnam. UNDP is the perfect place for those who want to