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Finance Jobs in Vietnam For Foreigners

Vietnam’s economy is growing year on year. Last year it reached a record growth of 7.08%, while in the last ten years it was in around 6%. Its 2018 income per capita reached $2.725. Adding to the fact, there were $19.1 billion foreign investments in 2018 and a 10% annual increase in foreign investments per year in the last five years. Many people are looking at Vietnam as the next big economy in Asia.

Foreigners with background and education in finances may find Vietnam full of excellent opportunities. There are all sorts of jobs for finance people: CFO’s, real estate investment advisers, credit managers, accountants, and so on. Vietnam’s economy is firing on all cylinders and the finance sector is in the middle of that growth. Here are some of the most popular finance jobs in Vietnam for foreigners.


  • Chief Financial Officer – CFO                                          


Vietnam’s startup scene is