Ho Chi Minh’s Biggest Employers

Ho Chi Minh is thriving both economically and culturally. There are more and more companies operating within the city, while the already established ones are growing. As a result, the demand for a qualified workforce has never been higher.

Many of the bigger companies have turned to foreign talent. Here we will present you with some of Ho Chi Minh’s biggest employers that are always interested in highly qualified personnel from abroad. Their focus may be on foreign talent, but that’s just because the skill set on the local job market is quite modest.


  • ILA Vietnam


This is the biggest educational company in Ho Chi Minh that employs hundreds of people, much of whom are foreigner teachers. The company was founded in 1998 and since then it has been providing English language education and training for both adults and children. They offer English lessons as part of corporate

Finance Jobs in Vietnam For Foreigners

Vietnam’s economy is growing year on year. Last year it reached a record growth of 7.08%, while in the last ten years it was in around 6%. Its 2018 income per capita reached $2.725. Adding to the fact, there were $19.1 billion foreign investments in 2018 and a 10% annual increase in foreign investments per year in the last five years. Many people are looking at Vietnam as the next big economy in Asia.

Foreigners with background and education in finances may find Vietnam full of excellent opportunities. There are all sorts of jobs for finance people: CFO’s, real estate investment advisers, credit managers, accountants, and so on. Vietnam’s economy is firing on all cylinders and the finance sector is in the middle of that growth. Here are some of the most popular finance jobs in Vietnam for foreigners.


  • Chief Financial Officer – CFO                                          


Vietnam’s startup scene is

How to find good jobs in Vietnam?

Finding jobs in Vietnam can be a daunting task because it requires proper time and research. Try to Lookout a job according to qualification, experience and skills, etc. Check out a salary and incentive options properly. Employees can avail lots of things in a single package like Insurance, Retirement coverage and other bonuses. Most importantly ask about the offers of the company. Thousands of multinational companies are offering packages like Pre-tax travel plans and costs of the relocation. You need to check the job timing properly because sometimes the job runs till 10 o’clock. Little bit changes in schedule will always affect life.

Handling a new position can be a challenging task for a newbie because you need to work in a new environment or culture. Some jobs always depend on the following things like Events, Regular feedbacks and working hours. There is a need to consider the following things …